Wyrd and Wonder

Since 2022 I am a host of the lovely blog event in May Wyrd and Wonder. I do this together with Imyril, Lisa, Jorie and Ariana.

Wyrd and Wonder is a fun and interactive event that reoccurs every May that focuses on Fantasy. The tag line isn’t Celebrate the Fantastic for nothing. We will appear through blogs and social media on your feeds with all the fantasy we can join together. Anyway you devour fantasy is welcomed, wether this is through consuming books, tv shows, movies, video games or even board games. Do you write fantasy or create art on your blog or website? Or do you love to blog about fantasy? Do you take photos? Or just love to chat about fantasy? Come join us. All celebrations of fantasy are valid for us.

Announcement post for 2023 here.

Sign-up here.

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