The SFF Countries Project

I decided to create the SFF Countries Project because I have always been drawn to the countries yearly reading challenge but it has always been hard to find those in my preferred reading genres, science fiction and fantasy. This is not a year long challeng but a very long term project. Someday I would like to have a book for each of the countries on the list. I invite you to join me.

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Since my first thoughts I have made some changes to the requirements because of feedback of others.These requirements are for myself but you can make changes to suit yourself.


  • Has to be read by owner of the list
  • Has to be written or translated to English +
  • No England or USA (with the exception of indigenous focused by indigenous authors) on this list ++
  • Has to be a sci-fi or fantasy book
  • Preferably books written by authors of the same cultural heritage or needs to have decent rep of culture/country as deemed by own voice reviewers
  • Can have multiple entries per country
  • Historical Fantasy or Alternate Universes can be added. Just make a note for this after the book.

+ Otherwise most of us readers just won’t be able to read the books on this list. At some point I would however also like to make a list of books recced by those of all the different countries for the books they wish to see translated.

++ I think we can all make long lists of SFF books set in America and England. We don’t need more of those. Very specifically saying England here and not United Kingdom. Scotland will make the list. Nicole at BookwyrmKnits also pointed out indigenous authors and she’s right. They do deserve to have their spot on this list as well.

You can find the whole list of countries here. Feel free to use the graphics if you wish.

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Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is the-sff-countries-project.png