The SFF Blogger Masterlist

Twitter is a great spot to ask for more blogs to follow. One thing I have noticed is that many ask for SFF blogs because they can’t quite find what they want. The book blogging world is quite vast. So I decided to help out by creating a masterlist/directory.

Things to Consider:

  • This is for now a blogger list so you need to have one (or at least a website where you are active). Maybe in the future I will be adding Booktube and Bookstagram SFF as well but not right now.  However if you have those as well they will be added into the information.
  • I am not going to dictate what makes someone a SFF blog. I have added as one of the questions to pick which percentage you on average post SFF on the blog. I will divide people into those sections.
  • If we know each other, please don’t assume I have added you to this list. It is your decision whether or not you want to be on this list, not mine.
  • When you have been added to the list I will remove your information from the form.
  • I will update this list once a month.
  • At all time I can take of your information or change/edit it, should you ask this of me. Please refer to my privacy policy as well.

Want to be added? Click on the banner above to be taken to the form!

Below you can click on the buttons to go to the lists per percentages.

The last time the list was updated: October 22nd 2021