Black Water Sister | Book Review | #SpooktasticReads

Moving to Malaysia, hiding being queer and then being haunted by the grandma you never met, it is a lot. And then when your grandma ghost wants you to go and save a shrine for the ghost that was attached to her, well, your world gets put upside down.

Those Pesky Favorite Authors

One thing that has always stumped me is the use of favorite authors. I've always felt critical of using it for authors if I only read a certain amount of books or anything like that. I guess for the most part I have just always been so worried that there is going to be a … Continue reading Those Pesky Favorite Authors

Six Reasons to Pick Up Sorcerer to the Crown NOW

While I ussually don't make extra blogs about books specifically after I have reviewed them, some books undeservedly fall beneath the radar in the blogging world. This is Sorcerer to the Crown for me. More people need to talk about this gorgeous book. I initially rated this book 4,5 stars after reading it but as … Continue reading Six Reasons to Pick Up Sorcerer to the Crown NOW