Lost in the Moment and Found | Book 8 of Wayward Children | ARC Review

Lost in the Moment and Found is a story about the loss of innocence. It is a story that packs an emotional punch.

The Luminaries | ARC Review

A few years ago I started reading The Witchlands series by Susan Dennard. It did not work for me at all. But never one to give up on an author for just one series I was very intrigued by The Luminaries. Luckily for me I really enjoyed this first installment.

A Darkness at the Door | Book 3 of Dauntless Path | ARC Review

I am absolutely t(h)orn about ending A Dauntless Path. At the one hand I am so happy for Intisar that the journey of these books with traditional publishing has happened despite running into some kinks. But on the other hand I am just sad to say goodbye to this world for now.

The Holloway Girls | ARC Review

The Holloway Girls focuses on Remy, the current youngest Holloway Girl who is about to turn 16. And that means inheriting the kissing magic that brings others good luck. But when her kiss brings bad luck to the first receiver she doesn't know what to do.

Girls of Fate and Fury | Book 3 of Girls of Paper and Fury | ARC Review

The Girls of Paper and Fire trilogy is the empowering story of Lei and Wren. Who were taken as Paper Girls for the demon king but become the bane of his existence. If that doesn't spell kick ass girls I don't know what to tell you.