#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 4

Oh wow we are already at the very end of the readalongs. And with that we are also close to the end of Wyrd and Wonder. Who else is sad? But lets not let our tears run too soon. We've got some questions to answer. I really enjoyed rereading The Darkest Part of the Forest … Continue reading #WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 4

#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 1

To make my life a little easier I've decided to combine the readalong posts for both readalongs on Saturday. There is only so much of me and only so much time in a week, haha. 1) How are you reading along with us? Is this a first time or a reread? Show us your book … Continue reading #WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 1