Dancing out of November 2022

You might be seeing things a bit differently on the blog. On a random whim I decided to change the theme of my blog on December 2nd. I have had the button theme for a long time and I decided it was time for something new for 2023. I might change a bit of the … Continue reading Dancing out of November 2022

Dancing out of July 2020

July seemed like a decent month but we still aren't really a-okay. There were some struggle throughout the month though not that much happened. Reading also lessened again with Merijn more home again. The Numbers In July I read a total of 11 books which makes the total of 2020 100 books read. Of the … Continue reading Dancing out of July 2020

Dancing out of February 2019

February was a weird short month where Merijn went to his grandparents for a week and husband had his vacation a week later (this week actually). It went a little up and down for me personally. Depression is no joke. But at least we had some Spring weather. Now March will bring back the snow, lol.

Dancing out of January 2019

There were some firsts this month which was interesting to say the least. There was also a lot of coughing and overal sickness though so I'm not sure how I feel about January yet. There are an awful lot of reading challenges down below. For the first month I'm keeping it this way and after … Continue reading Dancing out of January 2019

Dancing Out of December 2018

Hi, I'm Annemieke and I was behind on everything this month. The Numbers # Read 60 200 Books Read this month: 11 Total: 202/200 Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices 2) by Cassandra Clare - 4 stars Ewan Pendle and the Castle of Nightmares (Ewan Pendle 2) by Shaun Hume - 3 stars / ARC … Continue reading Dancing Out of December 2018

Dancing Out of November 2018

November was a bit of a weird month but certainly better than October I'd say. Working on my mental health and having Merijn taking naps every now and then again really does help. Reading wise I kind of fell behind but one can only do so much, you know. The Numbers # Read 60 200 … Continue reading Dancing Out of November 2018