The Anderwereld Fairytale Box | October 2020 | Unboxing

If we are talking about supporting bookstores, one webshop I have been supporting for a while is Anderwereld. I follow them on social media, I buy a book here and there, I've been active in their events in the past etc. Back in 2019 I even met one of the owners, Nine. Anderwereld is a … Continue reading The Anderwereld Fairytale Box | October 2020 | Unboxing

As Travars // Unboxing Letters & Lights January Box // #wyrdandwonder

So Annemieke, why are you unboxing a January box in May? Well it is good that you asked. You see this box was of January but the owner of Letter & Lights, Emmy, still had a few on hand and did a short weekend sale on them at the start of May. I jumped on … Continue reading As Travars // Unboxing Letters & Lights January Box // #wyrdandwonder

Unboxing – Spook-a-Swap 2018

I think over the course of a few months I might have dropped that I was taking part in a Halloween book swap hosted by Kwante in Wonderland. It was a lot of fun, helped by Kwante who put us all in a facebook group. Here we could share sneak peaks, tips on finding some … Continue reading Unboxing – Spook-a-Swap 2018

Unboxing – Letters & Lights Halloween Box

From time to time I enjoy ordering a goodie box from Letters and Lights. Emmy is a Dutch blogger who started up her own business and I want to support that. When she announced the Halloween box I was interested. When she said there was a Lockwood & Co. item in it I ordered it … Continue reading Unboxing – Letters & Lights Halloween Box

Unboxing – Letters and Lights Grisha Box

You might have heard me mention Letters and Lights before. It is a Dutch Bookish online store that sells mainly bookish candles and book marks. It is owned by Emmy from the Dutch book blog Zon en Maan. I've bought a few candles and book marks from her before. This year she has also started … Continue reading Unboxing – Letters and Lights Grisha Box

Unboxing – Celebrate Books Percy Special

Mostly I don't order book boxes but when I do I give a few a go haha. Celebrate Books is one of the bigger book boxes in the Netherlands and they offer a monthly box in Dutch and in English in most cases. And sometimes they also do a special box for certain releases. The … Continue reading Unboxing – Celebrate Books Percy Special