Little Thieves | ARC Review

Little Thieves is a loose Goose Girl retelling that takes the elements of the maid taking the noble's face and life. But where the real story follows the life of the stolen here we follow the life of the one that does the taking. And steps very far away from the one dimensional take of it all.

Some Favorite Thieves in Fantasy / #toptentuesday 191

This week Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) has us looking at books from our favorite genre. This didn't feel like quite enough of a challenge to me to be honest. I mean. I mostly read fantasy. I am interested in almost only fantasy. If I was going to make a list … Continue reading Some Favorite Thieves in Fantasy / #toptentuesday 191

Book Review – Foundryside (BLOGTOUR)

Foundryside is a fast-paced and action packed first installment to an adult fantasy.