Books I Have Multipe Copies Of | #TopTenTuesday 352

The first Top Ten Tuesday of September (as always hosted That Artsy Reader Girl) and I am changing it up right away. Initially we were meant to be talking about books we loved so much I had to get a copy. But I'm fairly certain I did something like this not too long ago. (I … Continue reading Books I Have Multipe Copies Of | #TopTenTuesday 352

Turtle Recall | Wrap Up 2020

Turtle Recall, my second own reading challenge that is reappearing in 2021. My goal was to read more Discworld books and do this together with some other people. That I achieved for sure. While the goodreads group isn't super active, there are some of us active and we love a good bit of Discworld. What … Continue reading Turtle Recall | Wrap Up 2020

Those Pesky Favorite Authors

One thing that has always stumped me is the use of favorite authors. I've always felt critical of using it for authors if I only read a certain amount of books or anything like that. I guess for the most part I have just always been so worried that there is going to be a … Continue reading Those Pesky Favorite Authors

Best of the Bunch // June 2020

In June I read 18 books of which 4 were 5 star reads (well technically 5 but that one was a reread so I am not counting that). I found it hard to choose because all four were so good in their own way, but I decided to go with the one that resonated with … Continue reading Best of the Bunch // June 2020

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Imaginarium | #WyrdandWonder

As you all know by now I am a fan of Terry Pratchett and Discworld. I had my eye on Paul Kidby's Imaginarium book for a while now but holy bananas that thing is expensive. Luckily I found a second-hand copy for half the price for my birthday and made sure I got it. In … Continue reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Imaginarium | #WyrdandWonder

Discworld Side Books | Turtle Recall Guide

Not only does Discworld have many, many books as the main story, there are also countless side books that go along with the books. Now I haven't quite read many of those yet but I do know which exist so here I am, giving you a guide to see what you would find interesting. I … Continue reading Discworld Side Books | Turtle Recall Guide

Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book

We are nearing the end of March, can we say finally, so here I am with what was voted on for being the April readalong book for Turtle Recall. Turtle Recall is a year long Discworld reading challenge I am hosting. We will be reading: Guards! Guards! > The Readalong will technically be from April … Continue reading Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book

Show Your Bujo Theme| March // Link-Up

There doesn't seem to be that much interest to link up but I'm still doing it because I do like showing my themes regardless. So for March my theme was... Discworld! March is the month that Pratchett passed away 5 years ago and it seemed fitting to do my theme on discworld then. The cover … Continue reading Show Your Bujo Theme| March // Link-Up

Turtle Recall Reading Guide / Discworld Collector’s Library / Gollancz & Doubleday

Whenever I show my collection of Pratchett, what stands out to others are some of my matching hardcovers. These hardcovers are without a dustjacket and of a rough texture. I always call this my Gollancz collection but that isn't entirely correct. Since I always get so many comments on this I figured I'd share a … Continue reading Turtle Recall Reading Guide / Discworld Collector’s Library / Gollancz & Doubleday