The Goblin Emperor Readalong | Chapters 1 to 17 | #WyrdandWonder

Of course it is Wyrd and Wonder month and that always signifies at least one readalong. I always try to jump aboard because it helps me motivated to pick some of these books that have been on the backburner for me for a while. Normally I would post a review at the end of the … Continue reading The Goblin Emperor Readalong | Chapters 1 to 17 | #WyrdandWonder

#15yearsbartimaeus – The Ring of Solomon (SPOILER) Discussion

Fiew I caught up with my own readalong again, haha. It was interesting to revisit The Ring of Solomon again because as I was reading I realized that I didn't actually remember that much from the story, despite that I read it as last. This is your last reminder that this discussion will have spoilers … Continue reading #15yearsbartimaeus – The Ring of Solomon (SPOILER) Discussion

#15yearsbartimaeus – The Golem’s Eye SPOILER Discussion

Hello everyone. This is a week late. Unfortunately my mental health hasn't been that great which made it hard to read at some points and that showed in my reread of The Golem's Eye. Luckily I still love it, haha. And this week my son started refusing his naps which left me with a LOT … Continue reading #15yearsbartimaeus – The Golem’s Eye SPOILER Discussion

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

So Erika from Erika in Bookventureland did this tag recently (originally created by TheBookArcher), and she left it open to us readers to see if we wanted to do this tag. Since I find this tag interesting I've decided to do it. Now as the name of the tag suggests, this post will be about … Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Book Tag