Short Stacks

Short Stacks #5 // H.G. Wells Edition // #scifimonth

It is already time for the fifth short stacks where I focus on novella’s and the like that I have read over time that I haven’t done a seperate review for but still want to give some attention. As it is sci-fi month I decided to collect a few of H.G. Wells works I’ve read… Continue reading Short Stacks #5 // H.G. Wells Edition // #scifimonth

Book Tags

The ‘Sci-Fi TV Shows’ Book Tag // #scifimonth

  Sometimes one gets random ideas. A good six months ago I had a random idea for sci-fi month. Hello brain. Could you not. Of course I had to make questions to these tv-shows that I had a hard time answering again because apparently that is my brand! Rules Credit Annemieke @ A Dance with… Continue reading The ‘Sci-Fi TV Shows’ Book Tag // #scifimonth

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#RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent

The hour is drawing near. A few  more nights to November. A few more nights to pledge your alliance to team #RRSciFiMonth (I jest, you can join us anytime). For me this will be the second year. I do quite need this Sci-Fi Month to kick my butt into gear because Sci-Fi often loses to… Continue reading #RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent