The Long Earth // Book Review // #scifimonth

In the Long Earth people have learned the existence of stepping, where one can step into an alternate dimension of Earth. But these alternate dimensions don’t have humans like us.

Short Stacks

Short Stacks #5 // H.G. Wells Edition // #scifimonth

It is already time for the fifth short stacks where I focus on novella’s and the like that I have read over time that I haven’t done a seperate review for but still want to give some attention. As it is sci-fi month I decided to collect a few of H.G. Wells works I’ve read… Continue reading Short Stacks #5 // H.G. Wells Edition // #scifimonth

Book Tags

The ‘Sci-Fi TV Shows’ Book Tag // #scifimonth

  Sometimes one gets random ideas. A good six months ago I had a random idea for sci-fi month. Hello brain. Could you not. Of course I had to make questions to these tv-shows that I had a hard time answering again because apparently that is my brand! Rules Credit Annemieke @ A Dance with… Continue reading The ‘Sci-Fi TV Shows’ Book Tag // #scifimonth

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#RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent

The hour is drawing near. A few  more nights to November. A few more nights to pledge your alliance to team #RRSciFiMonth (I jest, you can join us anytime). For me this will be the second year. I do quite need this Sci-Fi Month to kick my butt into gear because Sci-Fi often loses to… Continue reading #RRSCIFImonth 2019 // Participation Intent