September Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

It is already the last day of August and that means that I will be announcing the readalong book for Turtle Recall, the Discworld reading challenge, for September.   The September book will be:  MAKING MONEY  You can join the Goodreads group Turtle Recall to come and discuss the book with us. You don’t have to participate in … Continue reading September Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

Vote for September’s Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

Now that many of us are starting school again, or at least here in the Netherlands a portion is starting this week, it is time to continue with choosing a readalong book for Turtle Recall. You can read more about Turtle Recall here. And you can find the goodreads group here. In the goodreads group … Continue reading Vote for September’s Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book

We are nearing the end of March, can we say finally, so here I am with what was voted on for being the April readalong book for Turtle Recall. Turtle Recall is a year long Discworld reading challenge I am hosting. We will be reading: Guards! Guards! > The Readalong will technically be from April … Continue reading Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book