The Terraformers | ARC Review

Ever since I first heard of The Terraformers I was super excited for it. What the synopis hinted at and the cover seemed to be exactly up my alley. Unfortunately there were quite a few things that completely threw me and I had not expected.

Our Violent Delights | Series Review

As a Romeo and Juliet retelling set in a historical Shanghai, These Violent Delights duology stands out from many other books

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau | ARC Review

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau is a retelling of The Island of Doctor Moreau, classic sci-fi tale from 1896 by Wells. A story I read a few years ago. While the writing wasn't for me I did find the ideas very interesting. So when I saw that Moreno-Garcia was writing this book I was very excited. I kept my expectations to a minimum though as you can never know.

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor | ARC Review

You all know I love me some middle grade and especially those that are more diverse. Which is what instantly drew me to this book. It wasn't so much the plot that kept me interested, but the characters. Namely Zachary.

The Undertakers | Murder and Magic Book 2 | ARC Review

As you might have caught at the start of the year, I loved The Conductors, the first Murder and Magic book. I didn't love The Undertakers as much but it was still a good sequel.

Far from the Light of Heaven | ARC Review | #SciFiMonth

Far from the Light of Heaven is an interesting story about the colony ship Ragtime who is being piloted by an AI and first mate Michelle. But when Michelle is jolted out of her sleep she finds there has been murders aboard the ship. How is that possible? A space ship locked room mystery!

The City We Became | Book Review

Everything about The City We Became grabbed my attention. From Sao Paol moving through the city to help to our 5 new yorkers who became one of the boroughs to protect their city and to find New York's avatar, to cities having a soul.