Best of the Bunch // November 2020

It is a testimony of how weird my month started that I FORGOT to plan in Best of the Bunch for Monday. This memory of mine just keeps getting worse too, lol. But really we just had a super weird start to the month and with all the early holiday craze with the Dutch Children's … Continue reading Best of the Bunch // November 2020

Dancing out of November 2020

November was the mont that went a bit up and down in productivity. Some weeks I worked a lot on the blog though I was on a semi-break. I somehow gained more inspiration and want to get back to the blog. Other weeks there was more reader. And then other times there were periods and … Continue reading Dancing out of November 2020

Show Your Bujo Theme | November 2020

November was my break month. The month where I decided to take a few steps back from the blog so I didn't feel as much pressure. In the end that meant I actually started writing blog posts again. It might not come as a shock that November's theme was: Space! November is always sci-fi month … Continue reading Show Your Bujo Theme | November 2020