Book Review – The Ghost Line

The Ghost Line is a novella I saw pass me by a few times when visiting other blogs and as the cover drew me in I decided to request it for myself. I was not left disappointed.


(Mini) Book Review -Vacui Magia

Book: Vacui Magia by L.S. Johnson Release Date: March 1st 2016 Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Novella’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Goodreads Synopsis L.S. Johnson delivers a provocative and original short story collection that ingeniously blends myth and nightmare. Whether it concerns the efforts of an infertile witch to construct a golem-baby, or a daughter’s quest to… Continue reading (Mini) Book Review -Vacui Magia


Book Review – Faith and Moonlight (Part 1 + 2)

Book: Faith and Moonlight (Part 1 + 2) by Mark Gelineau and Joe King Release Date Part 1: December 15th 2016 Release Date Part 2: May 15th 2016 Genre: Fantasy Rating: 4,5 stars Other Reviews in Echoes of the Ascended A Reaper  of Stone Goodreads Synopsis (part 1) Roan and Kay are orphans. A fire… Continue reading Book Review – Faith and Moonlight (Part 1 + 2)