Dancing out of January 2023

January was a weird month. I had a hard time dealing with side effects of lowering my meds and a lot of things were happening in general. But I did read 15 books so there was that. I went with my mood more than what I had on my list. The Numbers In January I … Continue reading Dancing out of January 2023

Dancing out of July 2021

How is it August already? Lots of things happened throughout July. Mostly good things as it is Summer vacation. But most of all was the market for my etsy shop I did of course. It was fun and I've written a post about prepping for it so you can see how that was. I also … Continue reading Dancing out of July 2021

Dancing out of November 2020

November was the mont that went a bit up and down in productivity. Some weeks I worked a lot on the blog though I was on a semi-break. I somehow gained more inspiration and want to get back to the blog. Other weeks there was more reader. And then other times there were periods and … Continue reading Dancing out of November 2020