Dancing out of May 2020

May was better than some of the other months mental health wise. It has been easier to take breaks and hide in books with Merijn going to pre-school. The weather has been pretty good too. A Dance with Books turned 5 so that happened.  The Numbers In May I read a total of 21 books … Continue reading Dancing out of May 2020

Dancing out of February 2019

February was a weird short month where Merijn went to his grandparents for a week and husband had his vacation a week later (this week actually). It went a little up and down for me personally. Depression is no joke. But at least we had some Spring weather. Now March will bring back the snow, lol.

Why Monthly TBR’s Work For Me and How I Choose Mine

A bit ago I posted on stories a picture about setting up my monthly tbr on paper and mentioned how that helps me to gain more oversight on what I want and need to read. Saar from Walking Through the Pages asked me if could share my system in a post. And I decided to … Continue reading Why Monthly TBR’s Work For Me and How I Choose Mine