Some Desperate Glory | Arc Review

The thing about Some Desperate Glory is that you aren't going to like the characters, especially our main character Kyr. She was raised to be a facist, radicalized.

Jade Legacy | Book 3 of Green Bone Saga | ARC Review

Fonda Lee has written an absolute gem of a fantasy series that will withstand the test of time for sure because it continues to bring the themes forward that we are drawn to. Family, Loyalty, Change, Faith, Collonialism. But also being able to be your own person in a family that stands so tall and proud for its values and history.

Beginnings and Wrecked | Shadow Sentinels 0.5 and 1 | ARC Review

Beginnings and Wrecked are the beginning to an interesting story with fae, shifting wolves and some pack dynamics.

The Winter of the Witch / Book 3 of the Winternight Trilogy / Book Review

One of the most anticipated releases of January 2019 was The Winter of the Witch as the conclusion to the Winternight trilogy. If you have been waiting a while. It was certainly worth the wait. While I didn’t end up loving this book as much as I did the second, it is still a very worthy ending to the story.