Emily Wilde’s Encyclopeaedia of Faeries | ARC Review

Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia might have started out on faeries but it became much more about Emily Wilde.

The Dragon’s Promise | Book 2 of Six Crimson Cranes | ARC Review

As I look at some of the reviews for this sequel to Six Crimson Cranes and I realize that a lot of people aren't quite as charmed with it as I was. That might be because I read this pretty close together and I didn't have to wait like some people. And perhaps because my expectations were different.

The Tensorate Series | Book Review

The Tensorate series is te bind-up of the asian inspired fantasy novella's: The Black Tides of Heaven, The Red Threads of Fortune, The Descent of Monsters, To Ascent to Godhood.

A Darkness at the Door | Book 3 of Dauntless Path | ARC Review

I am absolutely t(h)orn about ending A Dauntless Path. At the one hand I am so happy for Intisar that the journey of these books with traditional publishing has happened despite running into some kinks. But on the other hand I am just sad to say goodbye to this world for now.

For the Throne | Book 2 of Wildwood | ARC Review

For the Throne is the sequel to For the Wolf and set close to the ending of that. With the Kings having been kept in the shadowlands, a new problem arises for Red and Wol.f Her sister has gone into the Shadowlands. And with her is Solmir, the guy who betrayed her in the above world. While Red is doing everything in her power to bring her back, Neve is finding a whole new problem in the Shadowlands. It is dying...

Three Reasons to Read Keeper of the Lost Cities

For years I have been hearing how great Keeper of the Lost Cities series is. I got the first book a few years ago but I never really picked it up. Because you know, what if I was going to be dissapinted? So I kept putting it off until a random Saturday where I tore … Continue reading Three Reasons to Read Keeper of the Lost Cities

A Letter to Three Witches | ARC Review

Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.  Book: A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth BassRelease Date: January 25th 2022Tags: Fantasy | Paranormal Romance | Adult | Witches | Magic | Family Nearly a century ago, Gwen … Continue reading A Letter to Three Witches | ARC Review