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The Dominion of the Fallen | Series Review | #WyrdandWonder

Sometimes when you have a series and you start it with all the parts already in your hands, you end up binge reading a series. I will also have you know that entirely blame this on Imyril as she is the whole reason I bought this trilogy in ebook last year… In the Dominion of… Continue reading The Dominion of the Fallen | Series Review | #WyrdandWonder


A Marvelous Light | ARC Review

While being a minor baron Robin has to take an a minor government place so he can support himself and his sister after the death of his sister. Except it doesn’t turn out to be quite that minor. Edwin on the other hand took his position as liason for the magical community so he could get away from his magical family to get some peace and quiet in the big city. When they meet they initially clash but when Robin gets stuck in a curse Edwin is right there to help him.