The Tensorate Series | Book Review

The Tensorate series is te bind-up of the asian inspired fantasy novella's: The Black Tides of Heaven, The Red Threads of Fortune, The Descent of Monsters, To Ascent to Godhood.

A Half-Built Garden | ARC Review

An alien contact human story was what drew me to this book to request to review. I got something a lot more and while I did not love it at all I think there is a lot for others to discover here.

The Dominion of the Fallen | Series Review | #WyrdandWonder

Sometimes when you have a series and you start it with all the parts already in your hands, you end up binge reading a series. I will also have you know that entirely blame this on Imyril as she is the whole reason I bought this trilogy in ebook last year... In the Dominion of … Continue reading The Dominion of the Fallen | Series Review | #WyrdandWonder

Seven Mercies | Book 2 of Seven Devils | ARC Review

All in all this was just a worthy conclusion to an ass kicking, mostly, female crew space adventure with so much characterization to make you fall in love with each and every character.

Girls of Fate and Fury | Book 3 of Girls of Paper and Fury | ARC Review

The Girls of Paper and Fire trilogy is the empowering story of Lei and Wren. Who were taken as Paper Girls for the demon king but become the bane of his existence. If that doesn't spell kick ass girls I don't know what to tell you.