Night Angel Nemesis | Book 4 of the Night Angel | Arc Review

I was both excited and hesitant to read this continuation of the Night Angel Series. I read the original trilogy about 15 years ago and I remember loving it at the time. I have been meaning to reread it but I never did quite get around to it. And after reading this installment, I think I shouldn't. I should just keep my original fond memories.

Grave Secrets | Book Review

Book: Grave Secrets (The Lavington Windsor Mysteries 1) by Alice James Release Date: September 1st 2020Tags: Paranormal Fantasy | Paranormal Romance | Adult | Necromancy | Vampires Trigger/Content Warnings: Sexual Content | Hints at upcoming abusive relationship | mentions of drug abuse | Raising Dead Bodies | Murder | Violence | Torture | Kidnapping Agatha … Continue reading Grave Secrets | Book Review

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopeaedia of Faeries | ARC Review

Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia might have started out on faeries but it became much more about Emily Wilde.

Otillie Colter | The Narroway Trilogy | Series Review

Otillie Colter is an excellent middle grade fantasy trilogy!