In the Company of Witches | Book Review

I found this as I was browsing for witchy cozy reads in the ebook section and was quite instantl drawn to that cat on the cover and the title. It seemed like everything I would want in a cozy witchy read. And it was.

Lost in the Moment and Found | Book 8 of Wayward Children | ARC Review

Lost in the Moment and Found is a story about the loss of innocence. It is a story that packs an emotional punch.

Black Water Sister | Book Review | #SpooktasticReads

Moving to Malaysia, hiding being queer and then being haunted by the grandma you never met, it is a lot. And then when your grandma ghost wants you to go and save a shrine for the ghost that was attached to her, well, your world gets put upside down.

The Alchemy of Sorrow | ARC Review

The Alchemy of Sorrow is an ambitious idea. An anthology about grief and sorrow. It is so very different and there are so many different griefs. And I am glad to see so many different ones in this anthology. Grief is not just about death.