Stay Focused / 2020 Reading Goals

Now that most of the wrapping up of goals of 2019 is done It is time to start looking at my 2020 goals. Some new ideas here. I've let some ones go like reading classics and the like. I might look and see what I did read in that at the end of the year … Continue reading Stay Focused / 2020 Reading Goals

Dancing Out of November 2016

While I was happy that October was over last recap, I am now even happier that the year is almost over. But it wasn't all bad. We got to visit my parents with Merijn, I had my first bookstagram pictures go over a 100 likes and I completed my reading challenge for this year. A … Continue reading Dancing Out of November 2016

Dancing Out of October 2016

This month was so busy and weird. I'm actually kind of glad it is over. From my birthday and taking a step back from the blog to having to say goodbye to my precious cuddle buddy. The Reading Challenge The Numbers # Read 90 Books Read this month: 5 Total: 85/90 Crooked Kingdom (Six of … Continue reading Dancing Out of October 2016