The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi | ARC Review

While I enjoyed the authors City of Brass when it first came out, I never much felt inclined to continue on with the series. However when I heard that she was writing an adult fantasy I knew I had to give that a try. And I think I was right to as I feel the story and characters work better for me than her young adult story.

The Hunger of the Gods | Book 2 of Bloodsworn Saga | ARC Review | #WyrdandWonder

The Hunger of the Gods is an epic banger with more Gods and more epic Orka.

Little Thieves | ARC Review

Little Thieves is a loose Goose Girl retelling that takes the elements of the maid taking the noble's face and life. But where the real story follows the life of the stolen here we follow the life of the one that does the taking. And steps very far away from the one dimensional take of it all.

Trail of Lightning // Book Review // #wyrdandwonder

How did I like Trail of Lightning that I read for the #wyrdandwonder readalong?