Those Pesky Favorite Authors

One thing that has always stumped me is the use of favorite authors. I've always felt critical of using it for authors if I only read a certain amount of books or anything like that. I guess for the most part I have just always been so worried that there is going to be a … Continue reading Those Pesky Favorite Authors

Sort of Auto-Buy Authors / #toptentuesday 197

Auto-buy authors is something I find a tricky topic. I have a lot of books and sometimes I end up having all or almost all the books by an author, just because they all sounded nice (cough JK Rowling cough). Not because I am in anyway attached to the author. But on occasion there are … Continue reading Sort of Auto-Buy Authors / #toptentuesday 197

TTT #157 – Books by Great Authors I Still Haven’t Read

Tuesday means Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) and today we are talking about books by some our favorite authors I still haven't read. ...I mean, do you have a million years? If there is one thing I am very bad at it is reading an author's backlist. There is … Continue reading TTT #157 – Books by Great Authors I Still Haven’t Read