Locklands | Book 3 of The Founders | ARC Review | Social Media Blast

In the last few years one of my absolute favorite books has been Foundryside. So it is with a fondness and a bit of sadness that I read this book, knowing I had to say goodbye to this world and characters. I loved Foundryside and Shorefall and so it was hard for this book to live up to that. It didn't. Not quite. But it is still a good conclusion to this trilogy.

Urban Fantasy vs Epic Fantasy | Diving Into Subgenres

A lot of the time WordPress tells me that I have unknown search terms. Which personally I find quite obnoxious. Like hello, here you have 40 searches, but all are unknown. Thanks, that is so helpful... On occasion however I do see a search term. Often about spoiler reviews which, no, I rarely do. However … Continue reading Urban Fantasy vs Epic Fantasy | Diving Into Subgenres