Online Bookish Merchandise by Dutch People

Now that we are hitting the end of November we are all very much looking forward towards the end of December. Obviously there is the end of the year, but there is also Christmas. We are preparing to buy Christmas gifts and perhaps even making wishlist for our loved ones to choose from. In the … Continue reading Online Bookish Merchandise by Dutch People

Westerhof Young Adult Night: Meet and Greet with a Workshop

A book store I might have mentioned a few times on this blog already would be Westerhof in Zwolle. They have two book stores there, and it is a book store I enjoy visiting. I know some of the staff though of course they always work at the other store that is not in the … Continue reading Westerhof Young Adult Night: Meet and Greet with a Workshop

Dutch or English? International Reader

It might not have escaped your notice that I am not a native English speaker. If my plentyfull spelling mistakes don't give it away then the covers of some of my books in book hauls or book reviews will. Or my book reviews of books by Dutch authors. But do I read only in Dutch … Continue reading Dutch or English? International Reader

Blossom Books – The Grisha Read-a-long

As you all might know by now, I'm Dutch. And as such I do keep track of some of the Dutch publishers. One of them is Blossom Books who focus primarily on (fantasy) young adult. Next to books they also sell some bookish items like tote bags and book mugs. But what I know them … Continue reading Blossom Books – The Grisha Read-a-long