5 DNF of 2020 | #TopTenTuesday 266

Most of you are going to be talking of books you'd like to reread today for Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). I've talked about rereading in the past but I never get to it so I didn't feel like really talking about that. Instead I decided to use a … Continue reading 5 DNF of 2020 | #TopTenTuesday 266

It’s You, Not Me // 5 DNF of 2019

Normally I don't share a lot of the books I DNF. To be fair, I don't DNF a lot of books to begin with. Even so, I don't think they really should just be passed by either. Some of them are well known sometimes and there is nothing wrong with sharing why a book didn't … Continue reading It’s You, Not Me // 5 DNF of 2019

TTT#143 – Books I Should Have DNF-ed

For the most part I try and approach a lot of top ten tuesday posts as positive as I can twist a topic. But sometimes even I can't avoid a more negative tint to a prompt. I don't suppose we always have to either. As I have mentioned before, I generally am someone who finishes … Continue reading TTT#143 – Books I Should Have DNF-ed