The Alchemy of Sorrow | ARC Review

The Alchemy of Sorrow is an ambitious idea. An anthology about grief and sorrow. It is so very different and there are so many different griefs. And I am glad to see so many different ones in this anthology. Grief is not just about death.

Tawny Man Trilogy // Series Review

The Tawny Man books by Robin Hobb are huge but delightful reads for those wanting to return to Fitz

Kingdom of Souls: The Last Witchdoctor // Book Review

Kingdom of Souls is a great, diverse start to a new young adult fantasy.

The Winter of the Witch / Book 3 of the Winternight Trilogy / Book Review

One of the most anticipated releases of January 2019 was The Winter of the Witch as the conclusion to the Winternight trilogy. If you have been waiting a while. It was certainly worth the wait. While I didn’t end up loving this book as much as I did the second, it is still a very worthy ending to the story.