How to Procastinate | Procastination Book Tag

Time for a fun book tag. I was tagged for this lovely by the lovely Leelynn from Sometimes Leelynn Reads over on twitter. You can find her answers here. There are a bunch of prompts but not all required to do so we shall see how far I get. I mean, I am very good … Continue reading How to Procastinate | Procastination Book Tag

Snapping Those Bookish Pictures

Maybe you aren't waiting for a blog post about how I take my photos. I am aware that I am certainly not the best photographer out there with a blog. But I am also certainly not the worst and I have learned things over the years about what works for me. Maybe some of these … Continue reading Snapping Those Bookish Pictures

Dancing Out of August 2017

Despite my anxiety kicking in, August was a rather good month. Meeting new and old book buddies, finally meeting Zwartraafje and Merijn's birthday were all great things and totally worth my anxiety in the end. The weather on the other hand was not the greatest for most of the month. The Reading Challenge # Read … Continue reading Dancing Out of August 2017

Dancing out of July 2017

Some months just don't really stand out. I feel that July is one of those for me. There wasn't that much that happened. Most of it was centred around Merijn as usual. I like being at home with him now but at the same time it doesn't really bring a whole lot of excitement to my world or anything. But mail does. Yeay for mail!

Balancing Act – Keeping the Blog Going

Life is always a balancing act. Between various commitments we have it can be hard to do all the things we want to do. For me I have to split my time between Merijn (who is awake more and more), my husband, household, blog, bookstagram, maintaining a social media presence and reading. That can be … Continue reading Balancing Act – Keeping the Blog Going

Dancing Out of November 2016

While I was happy that October was over last recap, I am now even happier that the year is almost over. But it wasn't all bad. We got to visit my parents with Merijn, I had my first bookstagram pictures go over a 100 likes and I completed my reading challenge for this year. A … Continue reading Dancing Out of November 2016