Playing That Numbers Game 2022

As every year I count my bookshelves and see were it takes me. I actually counted my shelves two months ago or so but never got around to making a blog post about it so here we are. That tbr number is ridiculous but then I own a ridiculous amount of books anyway. And the … Continue reading Playing That Numbers Game 2022

Bookshelf Tour 2016 – Part 4

Here we are. Part 4, the final part of this bookshelf tour. I hope you all enjoyed seeing my bookshelves again. I did it a bit different from last year. Next to having the intro post first, I also shared the books more in a story way instead of lists like I had done last … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2016 – Part 4

Bookshelf Tour 2016 – Part 3

The end of July is nearing. And that makes it time for part 3 of this bookshelf tour. Today we are starting with the first four shelves of my left main bookshelf. This book shelf doesn't have any author specific shelves nor is it very seperated in genres. Since I mostly read fantasy this whole … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2016 – Part 3

Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 4

Welcome to this last installment of my bookshelf tour. I think it will be fun to do this again next year, around the same time, to see how my bookshelves have changed. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these two book cases and seeing which books I own and what I still have to read. … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 4

Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 3

Welcome to this third part to my downstairs bookshelf tour. This week I will start with showing you my book case on the right. As you can see from the picture on the right this book case also has seven shelves with books. It holds more themed shelves, focusing on some series for instance. For … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 3

Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 1

As I've said before, I've been thinking of showing you guys my book shelves.And I'm finally doing it.  So in August I will show you a portion of my downstairs book shelves. So welcome to this bookshelf tour of 2015! Part one! This book shelf tour will consist of pictures and which books I own. … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2015 – Part 1