Book Haul 73 | August Brings More Books

August has passed us by and we've headed into September. August meant that the Deventer book market returned. It was good to walk and see all the book enthusiast going for a sale. And there was the comic market in my home town. ★ Spirit Gate (Crossroads 1) Kate Elliott ★ Heroes of the … Continue reading Book Haul 73 | August Brings More Books

(Book) Haul #24 – Hello 30th Birthday

On Thursday October 12th I turned the ripe age of 30 years old. Honestly, as much as I have teased my husband with being 30 (turned in March) I really don't care too much about this number. I think I dread becoming 40 more. That just seems old. Wink. My parents were here for the … Continue reading (Book) Haul #24 – Hello 30th Birthday

Book Haul #3 – Boekenfestijn Haul

Yes, I can see all your shocked faces. Another book haul post? Didn't she just do one? Yes, I did. However Saturday the 20th I went to the Boekenfestijn in Apeldoorn with my husband. The Boekenfestijn are basically book fairs with books for cheaper prizes than in the book stores.I think these books are being … Continue reading Book Haul #3 – Boekenfestijn Haul