Escaping Exodus | Book Review | #scifimonth

  I received this arc through a giveway from The Captain's Quarters during Sci-Fi Month 2019. Thanks again, captain! The bookmark is one I created and you can buy it here.  Book: Escaping Exodus (Escaping Exodus 1) by Nicky DraydenRelease Date: October 15th 2019Tags: Sci-Fi | Space Ships | Space Beasts | Matriarchal | Family … Continue reading Escaping Exodus | Book Review | #scifimonth

Beneath the Citadel // Book Review

Beneath the Citadel is a great young adult fantasy standalone!

Sorcery of Thorns // Book Review

Magical grimoires, great libraries, fighting books, demons, sorcery. Sorcery of Thorns sounded right up my alley.

Warp Gate Concerto // Book Review

Not just the synopsis of Warp Gate Concerto was out there, the actual story was way out there. But I think that is fitting for a sci-fi novella. Science-fiction should be a little out there.

Red Sister // Book Review

Red Sister. Mark Lawrence was not an author I really had that much on my radar, and reading about nun assassins didn’t seem all that appealing. But he certainly is now. And boy was I wrong about those nuns.