Some Desperate Glory | Arc Review

The thing about Some Desperate Glory is that you aren't going to like the characters, especially our main character Kyr. She was raised to be a facist, radicalized.

Grave Danger | Book 2 of The Lavington Windsor Mysteries | ARC Review

The second book of this series starts a few months after the ending of Grave Secrets. And I must wonder about Tony's life choices.

Grave Secrets | Book Review

Book: Grave Secrets (The Lavington Windsor Mysteries 1) by Alice James Release Date: September 1st 2020Tags: Paranormal Fantasy | Paranormal Romance | Adult | Necromancy | Vampires Trigger/Content Warnings: Sexual Content | Hints at upcoming abusive relationship | mentions of drug abuse | Raising Dead Bodies | Murder | Violence | Torture | Kidnapping Agatha … Continue reading Grave Secrets | Book Review

In the Company of Witches | Book Review

I found this as I was browsing for witchy cozy reads in the ebook section and was quite instantl drawn to that cat on the cover and the title. It seemed like everything I would want in a cozy witchy read. And it was.

What the Hex | Book 2 of Hex | ARC Review | Blog Tour

Thank you to Yazmine Hassan from Berkley and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. Book: What the Hex (Hex 2) by Jessica ClareRelease Date: April 4th 2023Tags: Adult | Romance Fantasy | Companions | Witch Familiar | Witches | Warlocks Trigger/Content Warnings: … Continue reading What the Hex | Book 2 of Hex | ARC Review | Blog Tour

The Fox Glove King | ARC Review

After reading Hannah Whitten first duology I was quite happy to read this book that is more adult fantasy. I am always a sucker for necromancy and books that pull on the theme of death so this seemed like a great fit for me.

The Terraformers | ARC Review

Ever since I first heard of The Terraformers I was super excited for it. What the synopis hinted at and the cover seemed to be exactly up my alley. Unfortunately there were quite a few things that completely threw me and I had not expected.