Show Your Bujo Theme | Monthly Link-Up


Show Your Bujo Theme is a monthly link-up in which you can share your bullet journal theme of that month. The link-up will be posted at the end of each month, on a Saturday. The link-up will be open for 2-3 weeks. You don’t need to post on this day at all. Do what is convenient for you. All I ask is that you come by to check out other people’s post too.

So what can you show in this monthly link-up? Honestly, anything you want. But if you want help setting up your post here are some questions for you to use as prompts.

  • What is your prompt this month?
  • How did you choose this theme? Does it mean anything special to you?
  • Were you inspired by anyone or something?
  • What tools did you use?
  • What kind of spreads did you make?
  • Looking back is there something you would change?
  • Do you want tips or help on something regarding bullet journaling?




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March March 28th
April April 25th
May June 6th
June July 4th
July August 8th
August September 5th
September October 3rd 
October November 7th 
November December 5th 
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