Review Index

After so many years of this blog, it was time to completely overhaul the review index in 2022/2023. There is no alphetical list of all reviews anymore. After more than 8 years with on average 2 reviews at least 48 weeks per year, it was hard to continue making it look uncluttered and clean and easy to find something specific. And I stopped updating it. Instead I will focus on search words, year releases and specific topics and (sub)genres for this review index. If there is something you are missing, please let me know.


For most of the reviews you can use the search fiction. Some great search words I have linked here for you:


SciFi Review

Year Releases

Starting in 2023 I am going to have a page with that years releases I reviewed. Those are generally the most looked for reviews.




Here are some topics and genres I like to keep a seperate list for.

Anthologies and Short Story Collections
Dutch Authors
Middle Grade

Last Updated: December 16th 2022