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Reading Challenge(67)

It might not come as a shock to any of you that I have a very big list of unread books at home. It is kind of ridiculous. I’ve always thought about writing it down in a list to hold myself more accountable but never did. It is just so much work. Recently however Destiny from Howling Libraries did it and did not discourage me from making my own. I know. So mean. 😉  So here we are.

One collection I won’t be adding into this however is Discworld. I have a seperate page on this series where you can see what I own and what I have read. You can find that here.

In italics means that the book is part of a bind-up.

Reading Challenge(31)

Abercrombie, Joe – Half a King
Adeyemi , Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone
Ahmed, Samira – Love, Hate and Other Filters
Albert, Melissa – The Hazel Wood
Andel, Margaretha van – In Transit

Andrews, Ilona – On the Edge
Armstrong, Kelley – Sea of Shadows
Armstrong, Kelley – Darkness Rising
Arnsdale, Peternella van – The Beast Is an Animal

Reading Challenge(32)

Baldacci, David – The Finisher Part 1
Baldacci, David – The Finisher Part 2
Beaty, Robert – Serafina and the Black Cloack
Beaty, Robert – Serafina and the Twisted Staff

Black, Holly / Clare, Cassandra – The Iron Trial
Black, Holly – The Cruel Prince
Blake, Kendare – Anna Dressed in Blood
Bradley, Marion – The Mists of Avalon
Bray, Libba – The Diviners

Briggs, Patricia – Moon Called
Brown, Dan – The Lost Symbol
Butcher, Jim – Fool Moon

Reading Challenge(33)

Canavan, Trudi – The Magician’s Apprentice
Canavan, Trudi – The Magician’s Guild
Cann, Kate – Possessed
Carey, M.R. – The Girl with All the Gifts

Castell, Sebastien de – Spellslinger
Castell, Sebastien de – Shadowblack
Castell, Sebastien de – Traitor’s Blade
Chakraborty, S.A. – The City of Brass
Chambers, Becky – A Close and Common Orbit
Chambers, Becky – Record of a Spaceborn Few

Chima, Cinda Williams – Shadowcaster
Chupeco, Rin – The Bone Witch
Clare, Cassandra – Lord of Shadows
Clemens, James – Shadowfall
Cluess, Jessica – A Shadow Bright and Burning

Colfer, Eoin – The Eternity Code
Colfer, Eoin – The Opal Deception
Colfer, Eoin – The Last Guardian

Reading Challenge(34)

Dahl, Roald – The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl
Dalton, Sarah – The Blemished
Dellamonica, A.M. – Child of a Hidden Sea

Dijk, Cocky van – Kristallen Hart
Dijk, Cocky van – Spiegelgeest
Dixen, Victor – Phobos

Reading Challenge(35)

Eddings, David – The Diamon Throne

Reading Challenge(36)

Fisher, Catherine – Incarceron
Flanagan, John – The Ruins of Gorlan
Flanagan, John – The Burning Bridge
Foer, Jonathan Safran – Extremily Loud and Incredibly Close

Reading Challenge(37)

Gaiman, Neil – Anansi Boys
Gaiman, Neil – Neverwhere
Gaiman, Neil – Fragile Things
Gaiman, Neil / Pratchett, Terry – Good Omens

Garber, Stephanie – Legendary
Carrigher, Gail  – Blameless
Gier, Kerstin – Dream a Little Dream
Grahame-Smith, Seth / Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Graudin, Ryan – Invictus

Guinn, Ursula K. Le – A Wizard of Earthsea
Guinn, Ursula K. Le – The Tombs of Atuan

Reading Challenge(38)

Haig, Francesca – The Fire Sermon
Hair, David – Mage’s Blood Part 1
Hair, David – Mage’s Blood Part 2
Hand, Cynthia – Unearthly
Hawkins, Rachel – Rebel Belle

Heitz, Markus – The Dwarves
Heuvelt, Thomas Olde – Hex (English Ending)

Hobb, Robin / Lindholm, Margret – The Inheritance
Hobb, Robin – Fool’s Errand
Hobb, Robin – The Golden Fool
Hobb, Robin – Fool’s Fate

Holland, Sara – Everless
Holt, Tom – Open Sesame
Howard, A.G. – Splintered
Howard, A.G. – Unhinged
Howard, A.G. – Unsnared

Reading Challenge(39)

Ishiguro, Kazuo – The Buried Giant
Islington, James – The Shadow of What Was Lost

Reading Challenge(40)

Jae-Jones, S. – Wintersong
Jae-Jones, S. – Shadowsong
James, Vic – Tarnished City
Janssens, Ann – Drakentovenaar
Janssens, Ann – Drakenkoningin

Jemisin, N.K. – The Broken Kingdom
Jemisin, N.K. – The Shadowed Sun

Jones, Diana Wynne – The Merlin Conspiracy
Jones, Diana Wynne – Witch Week
Jones, Diana Wynne – The Magicians of Caprona
Jones, Diana Wynne – Conrad’s Fate
Jones, Diana Wynne – The Pinhoe Egg

Reading Challenge(41)

Kagawa, Julie – Roque
Kagawa, Julie – Soldier

King, Stephen – On Writing, a Memoir of the Craft
King, Stephen – Under the Dome
King, Stephen – The Gunslayer
King, Stephen – Different Seasons

Kristoff, Jay – Nevernight
Kuang, R.F. – The Poppy War

Reading Challenge(42)

L’Engle, Madeleine – A Wrinkle in Time
Landy, Derek – Skulduggery Pleasant
Landy, Derek – Playing with Fire
Lawrence, Mark – Red Sister
Li, Mara – De Stem van de Zee

Liu, Cixin – The Three-Body Problem
Liu, Cixin – The Dark Forest

Reading Challenge(43)

Marshall, Alex – A Crown for Cold Silver
Martin, Gail Z. – Sworn
Matharu, Taran – The Novice
Matharu, Taran – The Inquesition
Matharu, Taran – The Battlemage

Maxwell, Lisa – The Last Magician
Meer, Myrthe van der – Up

Miller, Karen – The Blight of Mages
Miller, Karen – The Awakened Mage
Miller, Karen – The Innocent Mage
Miller, Karen – The Prodigal Mage
Miller, Karen – Hammer of God
Miller, Karen – Empress

Mills, Emma – First & Then

Reading Challenge(44)

Ness, Patrick – The Knife of Never Letting Go
Ness, Patrick – The Ask and the Answer
Ness, Patrick – Monsters of Men
Ng, Jeannette – Under the Pendulum Sun
Nijkamp, Marieke – This is Where it Ends

Nix, Garth – Sabriel
Nix, Garth – Lireal
Nix, Garth – Abhorsen
Nix, Garth – Over the Wall

Novik, Naomi – His Majesty’s Dragons
Novik, Naomi – Throne of Jade
Novik, Naomi – Black Powder War
Novik, Naomi – Empire of Ivory
Novik, Naomi – Victory of Eagles

Reading Challenge(45)

O’Neill, Louise – The Surface Breaks
Oh, Ellen – A Thousand Beginnings and Endings
Okorafor, Nnedi – Who Fears Death?
Okorafor, Nnedi – Akata Witch
Older, Daniel Jose – Shadowshaper
Oliver, Lauren – Ringer

Reading Challenge(46)

Paige, Danielle – Dorothy Must Die
Palma, Felix J. – Map of Chaos
Peters, Miranda – Hart van Glas
Pratchett, Terry – Only You Can Save Mankind
Pratchett, Terry – Johnny and the Dead

Price, Lisa – Starters
Price, Lisa – Enders
Pulley, Natasha – The Watchmaker of Filligree Street

Reading Challenge(48)

Revis, Beth – A World Without You

Robb, J.D. – Ceremony in Death
Robb, J.D. – Vengeance in Death
Robb, J.D. – Holiday in Death
Robb, J.D. – Conspiracy in Death
Robb, J.D. – Loyalty in Death
Robb, J.D. – Witness in Death
Robb, J.D. – Judgement in Death
Robb, J.D. – Betrayal in Death
Robb, J.D. – Seduction in Death
Robb, J.D/ Roberts, Nora – Remember When

Rossi, Veronica – Under the Never Sky
Rossi, Veronica – Through the Ever Night
Rossi, Veronica – Into the Still Blue

Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Wise Man’s Fear
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Ruby, Laura – The Bone Gap
Ryan, Anthony – The Waking Fire
Ryan, Anthony – Legion of Flames

Reading Challenge(49)

Sanderson, Brandon – The Rithmatist
Sanderson, Brandon – The Way of Kings
Sanderson, Brandon – Words of Radiance
Sanderson, Brandon – Edgedancer
Sanderson, Brandon – Final Empire
Sanderson, Brandon – The Hero of Ages

Schwab, V.E. – Vicious
Scott, Michael – The Necromancer
Scott, Michael – The Warlock
Scott, Michael – The Enchantress
Scott – Michael – The Death of Joan Arc / Billy the Kid and the Vampyres of Vegas

Selznick, Brian – Wonderstruck
Shannon, Samantha – The Mime Order
Shannon, Samantha – The Song Rising
Singh, Nalini – Archangel’s Kiss
Skrutskie, Emily – The Abyss Surrounds Us

Slegers, Marlies – Onder Mijn Huid
Snoeren, Jurgen – Revocatie
Soria, Destiny – Iron Cast
Stephens, Anna – Godblind
Stevens, Amanda – The Awakening

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Scorpio Races
Stone, Adrian – Zoon van de Duivel
Stone, Adrian – Profeet van de Duivel

Sutherland, Tui T. – The Hidden Kingdom
Sutherland, Tui T. – The Dark Secret
Sutherland, Tui T. – The Brightest Night

Reading Challenge(50)

Taylor, Laini – Strange, the Dreamer
Thomas, Scarlett – The Chosen Ones
Townsend, Jessica – The Trials of Morrigan Crow
Tyson, Neill de Grasse – Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Reading Challenge(51)

Unen, Jeroen van – De Nachtuilen
Unen, Joroen van – De Slang van Havilah

Reading Challenge(52)

Valente, Catherine M. – The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Reading Challenge(53)

Weis, Margaret / Hickman, Tracy – Well of Darkness
Weis, Margaret / Hickman, Tracy – Guardians of the Lost
Weis, Margaret / Hickan, Tracy – Journey Into the Void
Williams, Jen – The Ninth Rain
Wilson, S.M. – The Extinction Trials
Wilsom, S.M. – Exile

Reading Challenge(55)

Yancey, Rick – The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

Reading Challenge(56)

Zusak, Marcus – The Messenger


Reading Challenge(68)

Al Galidi, Rodaan – Arabische Sprookjes
Austen, Jane – Emma
Austen, Jane – Northanger Abbey
Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Eyre
Carroll, Lewis – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories

Christie, Agatha – Murder on the Orient Express
Day, David – Tolkien, A Dictionary

Dickens, Charles – Tale of Two Cities
Dickens, Charles – Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles – Oliver Twist
Dickens, Charles – A Christmas Carol
Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Lost World & Other Stories

Dumas, Alexandre – The Three Musketeers
Dumas, Alexandre – The Man in the Iron Mask
Grahame, Kenneth – The Wind in the Willows
Haggard, H. Rider – King Solomon’s Mines
Jacobs, Joseph – Irish Fairy Tales

Kipling, Rudyard – The Jungle Book & the Second Jungle Book
Lang, C. – Tales From the Arabian Nights
Lewis, C.S. – The Silver Chair
Lewis, C.S. – The Last Battle
Malot, Hector – Nobody’s Boy

Pyle, Howard – The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
Shakespeare, William – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Unknown Author – English Fairy Tales
Various Authors – The Snow Queen and Other Winter Tales

Verne, Jules – 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea Part 1
Verne, Jules – 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Part 2
Verne, Jules – Around the World in 80 Days
Villeneuve, Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de – Beauty and the Beast

Reading Challenge(63)

Abercrombie, Joe – The Blade Itself
Banghart, Tracy – Grace and Fury (ARC)
Benitez, Joe – Lady Mechanika volume 4: Clockwork Assasin (ARC)
Bennett, Robert Jackson – Foundryside  (ARC)
Bolender, Mirah – City of Broken Magic (ARC)
Brackston, Paula – The Little Shop of Found Things (ARC)

Carter, Rachel E. – First Year
Crewe, Megan – Give Up the Ghost
Crewe, Megan – The Way We Fall
Erikson, Steven – Rejoice (ARC)
Gillboy, Tara – Unwritten (ARC)
James, Vic – Bright Ruin (ARC)

Kater, Paul – Hilda the Wicked Witch
Kater, Paul – Wanted: Hero
Kater, Paul – De Reis van de Mimosa
Kater, Paul – In de Ban van de Stier
Khanani, Intisar – Shadow Thief

Oseman, Alice – Solitaire
Parker, Nathalie C. – Seafire (ARC)
Passchier, Lex – Witte Leugens
Pierce, Tamora – Tempest and Slaughter (ARC)
Seal, Caitlin – Twice Dead (ARC)
Shusterman, Neal – Scythe
Sonderby, Kaia – Failure to Communicate
Sullivan, Michael J. – The Death of Dulgath

Ten, Terrible – Lost Lore
Tomlinson, Karen – A Bond of Destiny and Dragons
Tomlinson, Karen – A Bond of Venom and Magic
Warwick, Alexandria – The Demon Race (ARC)
Williams, Jen – The Silver Tide


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