Discworld Reading List

Reading Challenge(22)

If you’ve seen my Instagram account you might have seen I have a small collection of Discworld books. My interest in these books started in 2014 when an online friend/penpal mentioned that Death was a character in this series. Since then I’ve been slowly buying the books, and slowly reading them. It has become a long-term goal to own and read all of them.

Discworld has several collections within the series, like the Death or Witches collection. It isn’t needed to read them all in publication order. I think that makes it easier to start them. You can just pick out a collection that appeals to you the most and work your way from there.

Bold means I own the book. Striked through means I’ve read it. Behind the books I’ve put which collection they belong to.

  1. The Colour of Magic (Rincewind) – Read in 2014
  2. The Light Fantastic (Rincewind)
  3. Equal Rites (Witches)
  4. Mort (Death) – Read in 2014
  5. Sourcery (Rincewind)
  6. Wyrd Sisters (Witches)
  7. Pyramids
  8. Guards! Guards! (City Watch)
  9. Eric (Rincewind) – Read in 2015
  10. Moving Pictures
  11. Reaper Man (Death) – Read in 2014
  12. Witches Abroad (Witches)
  13. Small Gods
  14. Lords and Ladies (Witches)
  15. Men at Arms (City Watch)
  16. Soul Music (Death) Read in 2017
  17. Interesting Times (Rincewind)
  18. Maskerade (Witches)
  19. Feet of Clay (City Watch)
  20. Hogfather (Death)Read in 2017
  21. Jingo (City Watch)
  22. The Last Continent (Rincewind)
  23. Carpe Jugulum (Witches)
  24. The Fifth Elephant (City Watch)
  25. The Truth
  26. Thief of Time (Death) – Read in 2018
  27. The Last Hero (Rincewind) – read in 2016
  28. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
  29. Night Watch (City Watch)
  30. The Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching) – read in 2015
  31. Monstrous Regiment
  32. A Hat Full of Sky (Tiffany Aching)- read in 2017
  33. Going Postal (Moist Von Lipwig)
  34. Thud! (City Watch)
  35. Wintersmith (Tiffany Aching) – read in 2017
  36. Making Money (Moist Von Lipwig)
  37. Unseen Academicals (Rincewind)
  38. I Shall Wear Midnight (Tiffany Aching) – read in 2017
  39. Snuff (City Watch)
  40. Raising Steam (Moist Von Lipwig)
  41. The Shephard’s Crown (Tiffany Aching) – read in 2017


Read – 14/41
Owned – 26/41


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