Discworld Reading List

If you’ve seen my Instagram account you might have seen I have a small collection of Discworld books. My interest in these books started in 2014 when an online friend/penpal mentioned that Death was a character in this series. Since then I’ve been slowly buying the books, and slowly reading them. It has become a long-term goal to own and read all of them.

Discworld has several collections within the series, like the Death or Witches collection. It isn’t needed to read them all in publication order. I think that makes it easier to start them. You can just pick out a collection that appeals to you the most and work your way from there.

1The Colour of MagicRincewind 1 V V2014
2The Light FantasticRincewind 2   
3Equal RitesWitches 1 V V2018
4MortDeath 1 V V2014
5SourceryRincewind 3 V  
6Wyrd SistersWitches 2 V  
7Pyramids  V  
8Guards! Guards!City Watch 1 V V 2020
9EricRincewind 4 V V2015
10Moving Pictures    
11Reaper ManDeath 2 V V2014
12Witches AbroadWitches 3 V  
13Small Gods  V  
14Lords and LadiesWitches 4 V  
15Men at ArmsCity Watch 2 V V 2021
16Soul MusicDeath 3 V V2017
17Interesting TimesRincewind 5 V  
18MaskeradeWitches 5 V  
19Feet of ClayCity Watch 3 V V 2022
20HogfatherDeath 4 V V2017
21JingoCity Watch 4 V V 2022
22The Last ContinentRincewind 6   
23Carpe JugulumWitches 6 V  
24The Fifth ElephantCity Watch 5 V V 2022
25The Truth  V  
26Thief of TimeDeath 5 V V2018
27The Last HeroRincewind 7 V V2016
28The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents  V V 2020
29Night WatchCity Watch 6 V  
30The Wee Free MenTiffany Aching 1 V V2015
31Monstrous Regiment    
32A Hat Full of SkyTiffany Aching 2 V V2017
33Going PostalMoist von Lipwig 1 V V 2020
34Thud!City Watch 7 V  
35WintersmithTiffany Aching 3 V V2017
36Making MoneyMoist von Lipwig 2 V V 2020
37Unseen AcademicalsRincewind 8 V  
38I Shall Wear MidnightTiffany Aching 4 V V2017
39SnuffCity Watch 8 V  
40Raising SteamMoist von Lipwig 3 V V2020
41The Shephard’s CrownTiffany Aching 5 V V2017

Read – 23/41
Owned – 37/41

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