As I review a lot of books I want to be open and honest about what I do.

Review Copies

I review arcs of books. You can find my review policy and my current status here. Most of these books I gain through Netgalley and sometimes directly from the author who have send me a review request. While these books are given to me in exchange for a review, I want to ensure you that this does not change my view of the book. My reviews will always be my own honest opinion.


All the photos on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. I sometimes use the cover picture of the books in my ebook haul and sometimes in reviews. These are directly taken from Goodreads.

If you want to use one of my photos please email me at whisper2imaginary@gmail.com. You cannot use them without my permission.

Linking to Webshops

In almost none of my reviews you will find links to online webshops. I always link to Goodreads where you can find more reviews and opinions on the book. If I look at myself, one review rarely makes me go out and buy a book so it feels pointless to add these kind of links. I do not participate in a partner program.


This blog will be entirely in English as I like to reach more than just Dutch readers/bloggers. Some books I will read in Dutch. I will also post reviews of books by Dutch authors that might not have an English translation (yet). Because they do deserve to be mentioned here as well.