Dancing With Teen Voices

Something that has been a reoccurring theme in the bookish community when it comes to discussions is how teens in our bookish community are often overlooked when it comes down to discussions surrounding Young Adult. Not only that but a lot of us bloggers are adult and a lot of recommendations are from them/us. This is why I have decided to give some extra attention to teens by sharing a feature called Dancing with Teen Voices.

Dancing with Teen voices will feature a teen (blogger, youtuber, bookstagrammer, reader etc) who will get the room to recommend 1 to 3 books. Depending on how many teens sign up the frequency can switch between 1 to 3 months. This will start in 2020.

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  • You must be a teen: 13 to 19 years of age
  • You must rec at least one SFF book as this is mostly a fantasy blog.

What I Would Need From You

  • A bit about yourself. Who are you? How did you  start reading? Are you a blogger or book tuber etc. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your own name or things you can keep this vague in those departments of course.
  • 1-3 Book Recs with at least one of them being a SFF book. They don’t need to be YA. MG and Adult recs are great too.
  • If you want to you can provide a photo of the books you are recommending


If you feel very strongly about a topic and want to use my platform to tell us about it than feel free to contact me as well. I am sure I can make room for this as well. Please be aware that I will not post anything albeist, racist, homophobic and otherwise problematic on my platform. I hope you understand.

Where Do You Sign Up?

Well I am glad you asked. For now I am going to be working on learning the html for a form to put here but up until then you can email me at: whisper2imaginary@gmail.com.

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