#WyrdandWonder Instagram Showcase | Part 3 and the last

Though it is already June 1st we are still going to wrap ourselves in the Wyrd and Wonder blanket today. I hope you will join us into looking at the very last of the photo challenge with a few prompts. Ari will be looking into Rainbow Stack, Book Spine Poetry and Favorite Read of this … Continue reading #WyrdandWonder Instagram Showcase | Part 3 and the last

The Last Day of #WyrdandWonder 2022 | Showcase of Top 5 Sunday

Today is May 31st and that means that it is the last day of the fifth Wyrd and Wonder and of my first time as a co-host. I thought of doing a wrap up post today but always do the Dancing out of wrap up post with read books and what I posted during the … Continue reading The Last Day of #WyrdandWonder 2022 | Showcase of Top 5 Sunday

Top 5 Urban Fantasy | #WyrdandWonder

For our last Top 5 Sunday we are going to be talking about subgenres. There are so many ways to go with a fantasy and that means that there are quite a few subgenres. For today I decided to go for Urban Fantasy. I share a lot of epic fantasy on the blog so it … Continue reading Top 5 Urban Fantasy | #WyrdandWonder

#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 4

Oh wow we are already at the very end of the readalongs. And with that we are also close to the end of Wyrd and Wonder. Who else is sad? But lets not let our tears run too soon. We've got some questions to answer. I really enjoyed rereading The Darkest Part of the Forest … Continue reading #WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 4

The Hunger of the Gods | Book 2 of Bloodsworn Saga | ARC Review | #WyrdandWonder

The Hunger of the Gods is an epic banger with more Gods and more epic Orka.

Two Fantasy Animated Shows You Need to Watch | #WyrdandWonder

Merijn has been branching out from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig in recent months (thank heaven) and there have been two shows we have been watching together on Disney. Its been a bit of a relief that he is moving to series with a bit more story. I mean Paw Patrol is fine and he … Continue reading Two Fantasy Animated Shows You Need to Watch | #WyrdandWonder

Fairytales and Forests by Intisar Khanani | Guest Post | #WyrdandWonder

On this last Wednesday in May do I have another great guest post by an author for you. Intisar Khanani! I was quite pleased when she agreed to write a guest post for this years wyrd and wonder. As you know I quite enjoyed The Sunbolt Chronicles and love what she did with Thorn and … Continue reading Fairytales and Forests by Intisar Khanani | Guest Post | #WyrdandWonder

Five Quotes from Foresty Books | #TopTenTuesday | #WyrdandWonder

My plan for the Top Ten Tuesday posts during Wyrd and Wonder was to go for #TropeTuesday. Unfortunately I was going quite blank for the prompt of today, Forest Guardian. So instead I decided to look back at the top ten tuesday prompt (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) and see if I … Continue reading Five Quotes from Foresty Books | #TopTenTuesday | #WyrdandWonder

#WyrdandWonder Instagram Showcase Part 2

It is monday and so Ari and I are taking a look at some of photos taken for the photo challenge over on instagram. Last week I looked at Best Laid Plans and 5 Star Fantasy Reads. While Ari looked at Mythic, Undergods and Weapon of Choice. This week Ari will be looking at Currently … Continue reading #WyrdandWonder Instagram Showcase Part 2

Five Single Serve Fantasy | #WyrdandWonder

Sometimes there isn't always time to sit down and crack open a tome of fantasy. Sometimes there isn't even time for a medium sized book. So how awesome is it that there are bite sized and single serve books. Fantasy books to read in an hour or less. Which is what we are giving you … Continue reading Five Single Serve Fantasy | #WyrdandWonder