Dancing out of November 2022

You might be seeing things a bit differently on the blog. On a random whim I decided to change the theme of my blog on December 2nd. I have had the button theme for a long time and I decided it was time for something new for 2023. I might change a bit of the … Continue reading Dancing out of November 2022

The End of the 35 Books Before 35 Challenge

Tomorrow, the 12th, I'm turning 35. Two years ago I thought I had enough time and interest in the 35 books I listed for the 35 books before 35. That did not happen. Regardless I do like the challenge but I put on too many books that weren't much on my radar in the past … Continue reading The End of the 35 Books Before 35 Challenge

Camping 2022 | Merijn’s First Time

On Friday we came home from our camping trip of a week to the southern area of our country in the province Limburg. I asked on twitter if some of you were interested in a bit of a recap post of our vacation and the poll said yes. So here we are. https://i.imgur.com/RIXIG5Q.jpg I think … Continue reading Camping 2022 | Merijn’s First Time