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Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book

We are nearing the end of March, can we say finally, so here I am with what was voted on for being the April readalong book for Turtle Recall. Turtle Recall is a year long Discworld reading challenge I am hosting. We will be reading: Guards! Guards! > The Readalong will technically be from April… Continue reading Turtle Recall | April Readalong Book

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Vote for April’s Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

It is that time again where I share with you what was nominated over on in the goodreads group for Turtle Recall, the reading challenge. Which is open for you all to join. The Witches Arc People wanted to continue reading the Witches arc. So that schedule will be like this: | April – Wyrd… Continue reading Vote for April’s Readalong Book | Turtle Recall

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O.W.L.S. 2020 | Magical Readathon Sign-Up

It might not have escaped your notice that there was some excitement on Twitter last week when Book Roast announced the 3rd year of the Magical Readathon and OWLS 2020 readathon for April. I missed the very first year but I have been on board since last years OWLS. It is just a lot of… Continue reading O.W.L.S. 2020 | Magical Readathon Sign-Up

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The End of an Adventure | Pondathon 2020 Wrap Up

For almost 2 months I fought as a part of the pondathon in Team Xiaolong. I earned 7 awards during 8 sidequests, and earned a total of 1302 points according to my tracking. I completed a total of 20 books. I think that, despite having some bad reading  periods, I did well overall with the… Continue reading The End of an Adventure | Pondathon 2020 Wrap Up

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Magical Readathon / Winter 2019/2020

In case you hadn’t noticed in recent years, Book Roast over on Youtube has created a fun, reoccuring harry potter themed readathon called the magical readathon. Next to the OWLS and NEWTS readathon she does, she often ends up doing some extra ones throughout the year, like in December 2019. You can hear and find… Continue reading Magical Readathon / Winter 2019/2020

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Save the Pond / Pondathon Sign-up

The Quiet Pond is a character driven book blog with characters that live around the pond. From that standpoint CW and her co-hosts blog about books. Some characters do reviewing, others are for recommendations. With this as the basis, CW created a story-driven readathon. Something is amiss at the pond. CW wrote parts of the… Continue reading Save the Pond / Pondathon Sign-up

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Contrition of a Bad SF Fan – Backlist Bingo / Sign-Up

In her 2020 reading plans Imyril from There is Always Room for One More shared a backlist bingo card for 2020 that she was going to focus on. We were all invited to join. And you all know me, I can’t quite step away from a challenge. It is a problem. The bingo card focuses… Continue reading Contrition of a Bad SF Fan – Backlist Bingo / Sign-Up