The Wyrd and Wonder Prompt Challenge | Sharing Some of Your Photos | Part 1

Hello everyone! Like previous years we have a (photo) prompt challenge going on. For today I just wanted to share the prompts we have done so far and what we ourselves have been posting and a selection of what you are all posting. It is great fun to see all your photos and it shouldn't … Continue reading The Wyrd and Wonder Prompt Challenge | Sharing Some of Your Photos | Part 1

Readalong Discussions | Week 1 | #WyrdandWonder

It is the first post where I will be answering questions to the readalong discussion questions. For Wyrd and Wonder Lisa is hosting a readalong for Howl's Moving Castle and I am hosting a readalong for The Bone Witch. So let us get into it. ‘You can’t make the better of the dead, sweet child,’ … Continue reading Readalong Discussions | Week 1 | #WyrdandWonder

Picking Out a Few Urban Legends | #TopTenTuesday 358 | #SpooktasticReads 2022

Today is a Top Ten Tuesday halloween freebie (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). And on today's photo challenge prompt for Spooktastic Reads is Urban Legends! So I decided to pick out a few. There are so many urban legends on the whole and it is always interesting to look into a few … Continue reading Picking Out a Few Urban Legends | #TopTenTuesday 358 | #SpooktasticReads 2022

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau | ARC Review

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau is a retelling of The Island of Doctor Moreau, classic sci-fi tale from 1896 by Wells. A story I read a few years ago. While the writing wasn't for me I did find the ideas very interesting. So when I saw that Moreno-Garcia was writing this book I was very excited. I kept my expectations to a minimum though as you can never know.

The Grief of Stones | The Cemeteries of Amalo book 2 | ARC Review

The Cemeteries of Amalo series is a companion to The Goblin Emperor in which we follow the Witness for the Dead Celehar. The Grief of Stones is the second story. If you are looking for soul warming and character focus fantasy this is a great series for you.

Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances | Book 2 of Dragons and Blades | ARC Review

The plot in itself wasn't quite as interesting as the dressing up was. I loved reading it for the characters that I have grown to love.