Book Stores #7 – Van Piere Eindhoven

Like I mentioned in my previous book store post, social media can get you to know a lot of things you didn't previously did. I probably would have never visited Eindhoven hadn't I heard that the book store Van Piere was there and was fantastic. I'm not going to lie. This is for sure a … Continue reading Book Stores #7 – Van Piere Eindhoven

Book Stores #6 – De Drvkkerij Middelburg

Social media is an amazing thing. Once you get sucked into a community you can find things you never looked at before. One of those things is the book store Drvkkerij in Middelburg. I first found them through my bookstagram. And yet I grew up in the same province and even had a 6 month … Continue reading Book Stores #6 – De Drvkkerij Middelburg

Book Stores #5 – Praamstra and the Walstraat (Deventer)

You might remember me mentioning Deventer when it comes to the yearly book market in August. It is one of the biggest in Europe with over 800 stands. New books, second-hand books and pretty much all genres. By the time this posts the 2018 market will have just been the Sunday before. Earlier this year … Continue reading Book Stores #5 – Praamstra and the Walstraat (Deventer)

Let’s Boekie Together – Bookstore Day 2017 and Marieke Nijkamp

Let's boekie together was the slogan that I saw around a lot for this first Bookstore Day. Boekie is a play on boogey. Boek is the Dutch word for book. Clearly we were meant to drop down to the book beat on April 29th.

Westerhof Young Adult Night: Meet and Greet with a Workshop

A book store I might have mentioned a few times on this blog already would be Westerhof in Zwolle. They have two book stores there, and it is a book store I enjoy visiting. I know some of the staff though of course they always work at the other store that is not in the … Continue reading Westerhof Young Adult Night: Meet and Greet with a Workshop

Book Stores #4 – Waterstones Amsterdam

Waterstones will be a familiar book store to most, especially to those in the UK where it is based. But did you know that Waterstones has some stores in Europe? Brussels in Belgium, St. Heliers in France and of course Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It's not to strange to see Waterstones in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is … Continue reading Book Stores #4 – Waterstones Amsterdam

Book Stores #3 – Waanders in de Broeren

I remember when this book store was just called Waanders and established in a different street within the centre of Zwolle. While the store wasn't nessecarily small, it didn't have a particular feel to it. I remember it being dark. Nothing really stood out to me and I did not enjoy visiting it. It seems … Continue reading Book Stores #3 – Waanders in de Broeren

Book Stores #2 – Donner Rotterdam

Despite ebooks and online shopping there are still plenty of book stores throughout the Netherlands. One of them is Donner in Rotterdam. This book store caught my attention by their young adult facebook account that is rather active. They interact a lot with those that comment on their pictures and status updates. They also did … Continue reading Book Stores #2 – Donner Rotterdam

Book Stores #1 – Boekhandel Dominicanenkerk

From some posts you will have noticed that my husband and I took a trip to Maastricht last week. Of course I couldn't visit a city without visiting a book store. And this one is a bit special. Maastricht is the capital city of the province Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. The city … Continue reading Book Stores #1 – Boekhandel Dominicanenkerk