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Hi Everyone!

As you can tell from my sidebar I am Annemieke. I am a 30 something Dutch stay at home mom. Books have been a large part of my life for a while now. I grew up amongst books as a child and inhaled them myself as soon as I could read. In high school and college I lost contact with the big reader in myself. But in 2014 my love for books was found again when I found the book tumblr community.

Then in May of 2015 I decided to finally create my own book blog and I never looked back. The name of the blog was funnily enough inspired by my reading of A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin at the time. I thought making it A Dance with Books was quite clever. I know. I’m terrible. Even so this was a title for this blog that has since stuck around and I can’t imagine ever changing it.

This blog has become a bit of an extension of myself. As a stay at home mom to a young toddler boy (born August 2016) life isn’t always easy or exciting. I get a lot of stimulation out of reading, writing blog posts and interacting with all of you.

Blog start date – 20-05-2015

Interviews and blog posts I took part in on other people’s blogs

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57 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello from Belgium! I blog in French (I wanted to do a bilingual version of the blog but it just takes too much time, so I gave up), but I read in English a lot as well. And you’re right, books that are not translated in English do deserve to be mention as well. Looking forward to reading you!

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  2. I am also in the Netherlands (near Gouda). I am Dutch, but lived in England for ten years, and I mainly read in English. Also a wife and mum 🙂 Just followed your blog! x

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