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A Cat, A Book, And A Cup Of Tea
Asha | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram
I mostly review SFF across all ages, but with plenty of other things dotted in, from picture books to historical romance!

A Dragon in Space
Lucille | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram

The Bookwyrm’s Den
Sammie | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram
YA, MG, and adult SFF

At Boundary’s Edge
Alex Hormann | He/Him |Twitter

Books, Bones and Buffy
Tammy | She/Her |Twitter| Instagram

Charlotte’s Library 
Charlotte | She/Her| Twitter  
Mostly Middle Grade

Crini or just C | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

The Curious SFF Reader 
Maryam | She/Her | Twitter 

Dear Geek Place
Lisa | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram

Dianthaa Dabbles
Dianthaa | She/Her | Twitter

Dragons and Pages
Morgan | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram
I am an Fantasy reviewer who occasionally reviews a few romance novels.

Every Book A Doorway
Sia | She/Her | Twitter
I’m agender, despite the female pronouns

Fantasy Book Critic
FBC | Group | Twitter 
A group of reviewers 

Fantasy Cafe
Kristen | She/Her | Twitter

Golden Apples of the West
Jonathan Thornton | He/Him | Twitter
My personal blog. I also write reviews and do interviews for Fantasy Hive, Fantasy Faction and Gingernuts Of Horror

Infinite Speculation
Ollie | He/Him |Twitter
I also have a monthly newsletter, which features a roundup of what I’ve covered on the blog, a preview of what’s coming up soon and some bonus extra content

Jake Is Reading
Jake | He/Him | Twitter  | Instagram 

Jess | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

Libri Draconis
Fabienne | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

Lord Samper’s Library
Lord Samper | He/Him | Twitter

Melting Pages
Katie | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

The Middle Shelf
C. | They/Them |Twitter
The blog features mostly stand alone stories and novellas. I alternate reviews between men writers and women writers (including trans women) and I also review NB/Q/I writers. One third of the reviews are about books written by writers of colours

The Midnight Review
Kirsty | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

Musings of Souls
Musings of Souls | She\Her | Twitter | Instagram

Nat or Natasha | She/Her |Twitter |Instagram

Novels and Nebulas
Nandini Bharadwaj | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram

Novels Lives
Susan | She/Her |Twitter

Reader Voracious
Kal | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram
I love adventuring in a good book (and sometimes in real life, too)! Primarily SFF with the occasional horror and thriller review thrown in.

Realms of My Mind 
Caitlin G. | She/Her | TwitterInstagram

The Paperback Voyager
Arina | She/They |Twitter | Instagram

Papertea & Bookflowers
El | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram

Peat Long’s Blog
Peat | He/Him | Twitter

Thomas Wagner | He/Him |Twitter | Instagram|Youtube
Been doing this since 2001. I’m old. XD

Spells and Spaceships
Alex | He/Him | Twitter | Instagram

There’s Always Room For One More
Imyril | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram
I focus primarily on traditionally-published adult SFF. I do not accept self-published books or MG / YA titles for review.

Too Short to Read  
Natalie | She/Her | Twitter

Whispers & Wonder
Justine | She/Her | Twitter |Instagram 

Worlds in Ink
KJ | He/Him | Twitter

The Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy 
Caroline | She/Her | Twitter 
J.D. | He/Him | Twitter 

World Wilderness
Peyton | She/Her | Twitter | Instagram
I mostly read adult speculative fiction with a focus on fantasy. My blog consists of reviews, discussions, bookish lists and more