The Bone Witch | Discussion Questions Week 1 | #WyrdandWonder

Well there you have it. Wyrd and Wonder has started. And that means we are starting full on with The Bone Witch readalong!

Reading this first week | Chapters 1 to 8 (page 95)


‘You can’t make the better of the dead, sweet child,’ she said, ‘though I reckon death could make the better of us.’ | Page 17

1 If this is your first time reading, what are your expectations for The Bone Witch? If this is a reread, what are you looking forward to the most (but beware a little of spoilers at this point 😉 )?

2 The story seems to be told through a bard that searches out our main character Tea. Tea tells her story to them. What do you think of this set up?

3 Why do you think Lilac could not see anything amiss for Tea in her foretelling?

4 There is a lot of world building happening in this first part that we are reading. We follow Tea for a long time as a 12 year old. Do you feel that was a good choice? Are you still interested or do you wish it would move on already?

5 When meeting the king of Kneave, Tea lashes out at him for sending her brother out in the war. How did you feel about his response?

‘We call this the Willows,’ Lady Mykaela said, ‘home to the greatest Asha in all the Kingdoms.’

‘There aren’t any willows,’ Fox said, who sometimes took things literally.

‘Here is one.’ And Lady Mykaela placed a hand on my shoulder.’ | Page 59

6 What do you thing Lady Mykaela means here. What does The Willows or willow mean here do you think?

7 Why do you think Tea is kept as an indentured servant for so long before going to lessons when it is said that some assistants are presented as early as age 15?

The Schedule

Week 1 – May 1st to May 7th
Italic Intermission to chapter 8 (page 95)

Week 2 – May 8th to May 14th
Italic Intermission to chapter 15 (page 96 to page 192)

Week 3 – May 15th to May 21st
Italic Intermission to chapter 23 (page 193 to 305)

Week 4 – May 22nd to May 28th
Italic Intermission to end (page 306 to end)

Discussion Questions

During this readalong I will post questions here on the blog on the below dates. If there is someone else who wants to host a week that would be welcome as well. You can answer the questions in your own blog post or in the comments to my question post. I will try to link all your answers per week in my response. So don’t forget to drop your link below the blog post or add it into the posting schedule.

May 3th for week 1 – You are here
May 10th for week 2
May 17th for week 3 – Hosted by Lisa from Dear Geek Place
May 24th for week 4


My Own Response
Athena @ One Reading Nurse
Timy @ Queen’s Book Asylum
Lisa @ Dear Geek Place
Nicole @ The Book Wyrm Knits

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