Wyrd and Wonder starts Monday!

Two more days and Wyrd and Wonder starts once again. And we are so excited. Now all of us are spread a little thin so please keep that in mind but we’ll try to stay on top of things as much as we can. After the recap of what Wyrd and Wonder is again I’ll go a little into what I have planned so far for this month of fun.

What is Wyrd and Wonder?

Wyrd and Wonder is a fun and interactive event that reoccurs every May that focuses on Fantasy. The tag line isn’t Celebrate the Fantastic for nothing. We will appear through blogs and social media on your feeds with all the fantasy we can join together. Anyway you devour fantasy is welcomed, wether this is through consuming books, tv shows, movies, video games or even board games. Do you write fantasy or create art on your blog or website? Or do you love to blog about fantasy? Do you take photos? Or just love to chat about fantasy? Come join us. All celebrations of fantasy are valid for us.

Find Wyrd and Wonder on Twitter | Discord Channel Other Worlds (Let us know if you want to be invited and we’ll arrange it).


Imyril from There Is Always Room for One More | Twitter Insta
Lisa from Dear Geek Place | Twitter | Insta
Jorie from Jorie Loves a Story | Twitter
Ariana from The Book Nook | Twitter | Insta
Annemieke from A Dance with Books | Twitter | Insta | Insta

Reading Challenges

Lisa will be hosting a readalong for Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Click the banner to go to Lisa’s post for more information. We might also be watching the movie at some point but no plans have been made for that. Watch our twitter/Discord space for that.

I will be hosting a readalong for The Bone Witch. Find more information for that by clicking on the banner.

Photo Challenge

On Instagram we will be hosting a photo challenge again. For those participating on instagram I will be hosting a giveaway again for a hand drawn bookmark and some tid bits.

Sunday Fives

Sunday May 7th 
Your Favorite Magical Systems or spells 

Sunday May 14th 
Your Favorite Songs That You Associate with the Magical 

Sunday May 21st 
Favourite magic casters 

Sunday May 28th 
Eye of Newt (Five Magical Ingredients that appear in books or maybe 5 books that would make an awesome mix, play with it) 


Other Plans

In between all these set things I will also try to post some reviews from arcs or magical kind of books that I think fit in with the theme that I have been reading before or read during the month of Wyrd and Wonder. I will also be posting for Top Ten Tuesday and adjusting the prompts to Wyrd and Wonder.


I have a lot of arcs to get through and I’m not sure how my mood will be but for sure I will be reading:
– Howl’s Moving Castle (reread)
– The Bone Witch
– Small Gods


Witch by astromoali
Portal by Tithi Luadthong.

Are you joining us?

9 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder starts Monday!

  1. I’m looking forward to it! I’m going into May with 3 fantasy books in progress, plus I’ll be joining in for The Bone Witch readalong. I’m also hoping to get in another Discworld book, plus hopefully a MG fantasy… but we’ll see. I’m not sure what will end up getting read this month.

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